Nome Eweniversity

Connecting shepherds, fiber, fiber arts enthusiasts and fiber artists and makers through direct educational offerings while preserving a historic building and growing rural community. 

Classes & Retreats

Highlighted Events

August 19-21, 2022

Needle Felted Mobile Retreat

Make a needle felted mobile at the cozy Nome Schoolhouse retreat center.

14-17 July 2022

Needle Felting Safari

Make a Needle Felted Elephant with Teresa Perleberg.

What to Expect

  • Beautiful space in a 100 year old newly renovated school to work on projects
  • All inclusive, onsite chef and 11 guest rooms
  • Amazing made from scratch, locally sourced food!
  • 11 guest rooms
  • Mill Tours
  • All inclusive retreats
  • Coming soon – meet the fiber flock.

Fiber Flock

Coming Soon! An educational fiber flock allowing guests to learn about where fiber comes from. Learn about the animals that produce the fiber through tours, classes and retreats. Come and enjoy a full fiber arts experience from animal all the way through the mill to the finished product!