Spinning Rare Breed Wool with Ellen Sakornbut | July 23, 2023


Participants will spend a day exploring rare breeds of sheep and ways to spin their fiber. These breeds will include some Shave’em to Save’em breeds as well as some rare European breeds. They will be able to handle raw wool examining lock structure as well as using some scoured and prepared fiber. Breeds will be selected to provide a wide range of lock structure with different characteristics and uses. Different major groups of sheep ( longwool, down and down like, double coated) will be explored. Techniques will include woolen and worsted methods as well as spinning from the lock and spinning textured yarns. All participants must have basic skills in spinning yarn.

Students will need to bring a Spinning wheel, spindle, or espinner.

A delicious lunch will be provided by the Nome Schoolhouse.

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Ellen Sakornbut is a retired physician and practicing fiber artist working with rare breed wool for the past decade, using rare breeds in spinning, knitting, weaving, and felting. She has been very involved with the Shave’em to Save’em program.





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