Introduction to Nunofelting with Ellen Sakornbut | July 22, 2023


In this engaging class, participants will explore the captivating art of nunofelting and discover its versatility with different materials.

During the workshop, students will have the opportunity to design and craft their own unique scarf using a combination of pre-dyed cloth, high-quality wool, and exquisite embellishments. No prior felting experience is required to join this class; however, participants should be physically capable of standing and employing their trunk and upper body to bring their artistic vision to life.

To ensure a smooth experience, students are kindly requested to bring along a few items, including an old towel, a spray bottle, and comfortable shoes with non-slip soles for safety.

As a delightful treat, a delicious lunch will be thoughtfully provided by the renowned Nome Schoolhouse, adding a flavorful touch to the overall workshop experience.


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Start: July 22, 2023
From: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Introduction to Nunofelting with Ellen Sakornbut | July 22, 2023 #1



Ellen Sakornbut is a retired physician and practicing fiber artist working with rare breed wool for the past decade, using rare breeds in spinning, knitting, weaving, and felting. She has been very involved with the Shave’em to Save’em program.



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