Fall Landscape Retreat: Exploring the Beauty of Fall | October 21, 2023


Duration: 6-8 hours (One-day retreat)

Supplies: Art supplies provided (bring an apron)

Meals: Lunch included

Join us for a one-day acrylic painting retreat at Nome Schoolhouse. Explore acrylic techniques, create textured backgrounds, and learn to capture fall foliage. With individual guidance and a group critique, unleash your creativity and leave inspired. Lunch included. Limited spots available.

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Duration: 6-8 hours (One-day retreat)

Supplies: All art supplies provided (participants should bring an apron)

Meals: Lunch included in the ticket price

Join us for a transformative one-day retreat at the charming Nome Schoolhouse, where you’ll immerse yourself in the world of acrylic painting. This class is designed for artists of all levels who are eager to explore their creativity and learn new techniques.

The day begins at 9:30 a.m. with a warm welcome and an introduction to the retreat agenda. Our experienced instructor will provide a brief overview of acrylic painting techniques and materials, setting the stage for an inspiring day of artistic exploration.

During the morning session, we’ll focus on building the foundation of your painting. You’ll learn how to create textured grounds and skies, mix colors effectively for background elements, and master techniques for depth and perspective in landscape painting. We’ll also cover composition and focal points, as well as incorporating shadows to add realism to your artwork.

Throughout the morning, there will be opportunities for Q&A and individual exploration. Our instructor will be available to answer your questions, provide personalized assistance, and offer feedback on your progress. This time is dedicated to nurturing your unique artistic voice and allowing you to experiment with different designs.

At noon, we’ll take a break for a delicious lunch at the Nome Schoolhouse, giving you the chance to recharge and connect with fellow participants.

In the afternoon session, we’ll delve into capturing the beauty of fall foliage. You’ll discover techniques for mixing and layering colors to achieve vibrant autumn hues, as well as adding highlights and details to your paintings. Our instructor will guide you through painting various types of trees and foliage, teaching you how to depict textures like leaves and branches. We’ll explore the essence of fall colors and light, bringing your artwork to life.

To conclude the day, we’ll gather for a group critique and sharing session. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your work, gain insights from your peers, and celebrate your artistic journey.

Between 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m., we’ll provide additional resources, including information on future painting classes or events, allowing you to continue your artistic growth beyond the retreat.

Join us for this immersive acrylic painting retreat at Nome Schoolhouse and unlock your artistic potential. Discover new techniques, unleash your creativity, and create beautiful paintings inspired by the captivating fall foliage.

Deb Peery

In the spring of 2016, life presented Deb and Dave with an unexpected opportunity that would shape their journey in ways they couldn’t have anticipated. Owning an independent, locally owned, and operated toy store wasn’t part of the plan, but we are immensely grateful that it became a reality. With heartfelt enthusiasm, we embraced this chance to serve our community and opened Nature’s Nook Children’s Toys and Books in the spring of 2016 in the magical city of Minot, ND. Since then, our small business has been dedicated to bringing joy and inspiration to all ages through a thoughtfully curated selection of toys, games, hobbies, and books. Deb, the heart and soul behind Nature’s Nook Children’s Toys and Books, brings a wealth of personal experiences and a passion for creativity to our store. Magdalena Burger, a professional artist, raised her, so her journey in the world of art started early. Growing up with an art studio at her disposal, Deb was encouraged to explore various materials and techniques, from pen and ink to watercolors, oils, and acrylic paints. Her mother’s guidance in sketching, painting, handcrafts, and sewing instilled in her a deep love for creation. Deb’s childhood was enriched by the freedom to play outdoors, climb trees, finger paint, swim, and embrace the wonders of her environment. This environment nurtured her innate creativity and fueled her passion for artistic expression. Today, she generously shares her vast knowledge and fantastic creative techniques with her students at Nature’s Nook Children’s Toys and Books. In addition to her art-influenced background, Deb also spent a decade as a teacher in California while raising her own children. This valuable experience allowed her to bring her expertise and understanding of child development into her classes at the store. With an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree from seminary, where she obtained a Master’s in Divinity, Deb is a fully ordained minister with the Presbyterian Church USA. Her deep-rooted passion for family and children shines through in every aspect of her work. Deb creates an inviting and engaging space for children and adults alike.



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