Classes and Retreats 

Whether seeking solitude or craving company, we look forward to accommodating you
as you plan your own Restorative Retreat; a time to restore health, strength and overall
well being through creating, doing or not doing, whatever it is that replenishes your soul.

Our options for retreats are limitless when guided by our guests own ability to imagine the possibilities. Don’t wait for us to host a retreat that strikes your fancy, create your
own retreat! Even the most ordinary activity can be turned into a relaxing and rewarding retreat.

Gather a group of friends and plan a girls getaway retreat or leave everyone and everything behind except a stack of your favorite books and plan your own private
reading retreat. The point is, you don’t have to wait for something to come along in order to grant yourself permission to escape the daily grind. Press pause on the stress in your life by creating your own reason to retreat.

About Our Products

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